Date(s) - 2023/03/25

Rohm Theatre Kyoto North Hall


Matinee   14:30 Start
Evening 18:00 Start

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Matinee or Evening : 2,500 yen (Students: 1,500 yen)
Through Ticket (Matinee&Evening): 4,000yen

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World premiers
  • Rain Smell (While I’m Elsewhere)/ Kory Reeder (USA)
    for guitars, mandolins, saxophone and piano
  • Uguisu Variations / Tomas Friberg (Sweden)
     for Guitar, Clarinet and Piano left hand
  • Transcendental Strains V /Desmond Clarke (United Kingdom)
    for saxophone and guitar
  • Synthetics 3 – Shifting / Christian Ferlaino (Italy / Germany)
    for saxophone and clarinet
  • 5000 miles apart / Gavin Sol Goodrich (USA)
    for clarinet, guitar and piano
  • Orugananda / Aurès Moussong (Mexico-Hungry)
    for clarinet, mandoline and left handed piano


  • Workers Union / Louis Andriessen (Netherland)


橋爪 皓佐 guitar/composer_Kosuke HASHIZUME
有馬 圭亮 left hand piano_Keisuke ARIMA
柴田 高明 mandolin_Takaaki SHIBATA
佐古 季暢子 mandolin_Kyoko SAKO
日下部 任良 saxophone_Tadayoshi KUSABE
大井 卓也 voice_Takuya OI
西田 昌弘 guitar_Masahiro NISHIDA
上堂 尚子 clarinet_Naoko UEDOU
西岡 美恵子 percussion_Mieko NISHIOKA