Call for Scores 2019 “without framing”

For this year’s call, we chose two works below.

-The Rose, 1964 / Kory Reeder
-Meditations for keyboards and string instruments / Andreja Andric

Those two works will be given premier at rosetta’s 4th event held in Kyoto Art Center on 10th August 2019.
More than 50 challenging works were sent to us from all around the world.
We really appreciate all the works we received.


Rosetta is internationally calling for new music, for our summer concert 2019 held in Kyoto, Japan.
(Venue and date will be confirmed in April. The provisional date is 10 August 2019)

“without framing”
Beholders in museums or galleries are able to decide the duration they spend in front of their favorite painting or sculpture, to enjoy, to find different aspects from various angles. This is made possible because those visual art work have no time frame, except for the opening hour or period of the exhibition.
How can this flexibility of public be adopted into musical concert?
Musical work itself usually has a time frame of beginning and end.
How can we deframe this tradition?
Rosetta is internationally calling for work responding to those questions from composers, artists or anybody curious about our theme.

Your work must fit one of the conditions below,

  1. Musical / sound work without fixed start or end, can be interrupted in the middle, and resumed in any timing.
  2. Musical / sound work with long or endless duration, and partial performance can be a complete form of the work.
  3. Music of any form, but without strict time frame.Selected work will be given 30 minutes for their performance.
    -if the piece is short, it will be played over and over for 30 minutes. (Composer may give the rule for the repetition)
    -if the piece has longer duration than 30 minutes, it would be performed partially. But the partial performance should be a complete form of the piece.

General Rules

  • Instrumentation: (solo to all 6 members are available)
    Mandolin(s), (up to 2 players, one mandolin can be switched to mandola tenore*)
    guitar(s), (up to 2 players)
    left hand piano, (only 1 player)
    saxophone* (only 1 player)
    *Tremolo / Picking technique must be clearly notated for mandolin.
    *Mandola Tenore is GDAE tuning, an octave lower than mandolin.
    *Internal technique for piano may be used, but should be suitable for left hand playing.
    *Prepared materials maybe available if it is easy to prepare AND also easy to remove.
    *No live-electronics / tape available,

The music will be performed in a large open space, thus there will be no stage.
Musicians will be placed in the center of the space.
Audience will be free to walk around the space during the performance.
Deadline 10 May 2019

  • No entry fee / No age limit / Open to anybody
  • The submitted work must not be previously performed or published.
  • We welcome all style of notation. Traditional notation as well as Graphic, Video, Sound or any other media is accepted.
    The instruction should be written in either in English or Japanese.
  • We only accept one work from one composer / artist.
  • The selection will be made by 31 May 2019. The result will be announced on the website. The result also will be communicated to participants by email individually.
  • Approximately 2 works will be chosen to be performed at the concert, by the selection committee including performers of rosetta contemporary ensemble and composers who write commissioned work for the concert.

Selection Committee

Akiko Yamane (guest composer)
Austin Yip (guest composer / selected composer of call for scores 2017)
Valentin Gabelier (guest curator)

How to submit your work
You will find the submission form on the bottom of this page.
You will need..
your score PDF file (sib / mus / word files are not acceptable) of Max. 10MB.
Please name your file as below
e.g.) Chaconne_Bach.pdf
If you do not use traditional notation, you still need to submit PDF file of instruction for your work. The text must be written in Japanese or English.

If you wish to send video scores, please prepare
YouTube or Vimeo link to your Videos.
(We do not accept any direct link to the video files of any format)
For graphic and sound scores, please use Google Drive
If you have difficulty sharing your data with us,
please contact us from our contact form.

Information for selected works and the creators

  • All rights of the selected work will remain to composers, except for the performing right ONLY for the concert held in summer 2019, when the piece will be given the premier.
  • There will be no cash prize.
  • Rehearsal for composers reside outside of Japan will be done through recording correspondence or on web streaming.
  • Composers are encouraged to visit the concert, however, composers must pay travel expenses themselves. Recording will be supplied to the composers.
  • One composer from the selection will be offered to be a guest composer for 2020 edition of Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble Call for Scores. (50,000JPY commission fee for writing a new piece for Rosetta, and to be a member of selection committee of Call for Scores. )

    Submission closed