Result of Call for Scores 2017

We are pleased to announce selected works for “Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble Call for Scores 2017” and will be given the premier at Kyoto Art Center on 12th Feb 2018.

Category A (saxophone+guitar+mandolin+piano)

Towards a Harmonious World II / Chris Hung (Hong Kong)
If only… / Moises Camargo Cano (Mexico)

Category B (Saxophone+guitar / saxophone+piano)

The Emperor’s Soliloquy / Austin Yip (Hong Kong / UK)
piece for saxophone and left-hand piano 1″Kyoto” / Wilson Leywantono (Indonesia)
FushiMI Inari and Sanjusangen-DO Sax. Pf. / Fabio Luppi (Italy)

Category C (guitar&mandolin duo etc.)
La Revedere – Sonambuco / Diego Felipe Gaitán Lozano (Columbia)
Banned. . . unbound / Stephen de Filippo (Australia)

We are also pleased to announce another selected works.
Those works are not going to be performed at the event in Kyoto Art center. However, we would like to give Japanese premier of these works in summer 2018, in the concert organised by Rosetta Contemporary Ensemble.
Details of event to be announced.



for Left Hand Piano

6 Aphorisms for left hand / Gerardo Gerulewicz (Venezuela)
Five Monologues / Kari Watson (USA)
for Mandolin
Mandorion / Malancioiu Gabriel (Romania)
for Guitar
I Wander Through an Underwater Forest / Martín Quiroga (USA)
Ouroboros Miniatures / Gabriel Bolaños (USA)
Eyewitness of His Majesty / Anselm McDonnell (UK / Northern Ireland)
– I Bartholomew, the Scholar,
– VI Judas, who betrayed him

for Guitar & Mandolin 
Interiors of a Courtyard / Geoffrey Gordon (USA)
for Saxophone
medi+aTion / Emily Koh (Singapore)